“Men Are From Mars – Or At Least Your College Dorm Room”: On Tame Impala

Today we’re examining the phenomenon of Tame Impala – specifically, their song “The Less I Know The Better.” It’s basically your art student friend’s sound. Spare, electronic beat accompanied by a wavering male voice.

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Funk Break: “Can You Get to That” by Funkadelic

When my dad was in college, one of the male dorms used to have a “Funk Break” every Thursday night. They’d listen to funk music and hang out. Funk music is a genre that I’ve only scratched the surface of (Sly and the Family Stone, etc.), but one that I definitely want to dive deeper into.

Today’s post is all about “Can You Get to That” by Funkadelic, one of the first funk groups that I ever got into.

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New Music Reccs: “Rabbit Run” by City Calm Down


This was a really fun discovery from Stereogum the other day! This group is an electronic foursome from Melbourne, Australia. Their music has an 80s feel, which is especially obvious on “Rabbit Run.” CCD’s lead singer has a surprisingly deep voice, which definitely lends a nice atmospheric weight to the song. His voice makes the band sound a little like Simple Minds: that same deep, disaffected voice paired with an atmospheric set of synths.

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How Listening to Music with Other People Changes Your Perceptions

Ooof, long time no post!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming, though. Today’s post is all about what happens when you listen to music with other people. It’s an interesting phenomenon: kind of like when you’re wearing a new outfit and become very self-conscious about it. You wonder if everyone else feels that same nervous excitement you do.

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