New Music Reccs: “The Sound” by The 1975


Now this is what we call a jam. The 1975’s new single “The Sound,” from their upcoming mouthful of an album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It, is a real winner. Listen here.

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New Music Reccs: “Do You Feel It” by Chaos Chaos

This one is off their album Committed to the Crime. A dark and ambient album name that fits a dark and ambient song! “Do You Feel It” starts off with a slow piano that has an echoey, empty feel reminiscent of most European club songs. (Or most European music in general, really.)

The piano quickly cuts into a nice electronic beat that provides subtle backing for Asya Saavedra’s strong, even defiant, vocals. She tells her subject that they’re “always talking” but “not playing.”

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New Music Reccs: “Rabbit Run” by City Calm Down


This was a really fun discovery from Stereogum the other day! This group is an electronic foursome from Melbourne, Australia. Their music has an 80s feel, which is especially obvious on “Rabbit Run.” CCD’s lead singer has a surprisingly deep voice, which definitely lends a nice atmospheric weight to the song. His voice makes the band sound a little like Simple Minds: that same deep, disaffected voice paired with an atmospheric set of synths.

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